"Born from imagination.
Crafted with care."

Samantha lives with her husband, Carl, and their fur bub, Lollie. They spend their time between the bustling capital of London and and beautiful countryside of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


"It all started with a sketch."

"I was doing a project during my graphic design studies, oddly enough based on the topic of sleep. One evening, I was sat at home doodling on my Ipad and I began drawing these characters. They weren't based on anything in particular, but I found it easy to create more. Soon, I had multiple characters and I used them for my sleep project.

"I'll be honest, they didn't really work for the project! I look back at it now and cringe at how the tone was so wrong. Ultimately, these were friendly characters and, as every one of my classmates and tutors said, the characters were better suited for children.

"Fast-forward a year or so, and I couldn't get these characters out of my head. I knew I had to do something with them, I knew they were for children, and I knew I wanted to start my own brand, so I took the plunge! The last thing to do - before actually designing the products - was to create a name for my beloved characters. My husband had always said they looked like little rascals, while I thought they came from space. We put the two together and Moon Rascals was born!"

"My first Moon Rascals doodle. They look a bit different now!"